#Janathon Day 30 – Stourhead

stourhead(In case you wonder what happened to Janathon Day 29 it took the form of a walk up the stairs, and a walk down them again. There may have been a nap in between the two halves of the trip.)

Today’s jaunt turned out to be a truly excellent walk with a friend around the gardens at Stourhead. There was plenty of conversation, and we happened to finish up at the pub there for lunch (wonder how that happened!).

stourhead churchWe liked the little church very much, it had an unusual fireplace in a strange little space to one side of the nave, an appeal to replace stolen lead, and a nasty patch of missing tile in one corner at the back of the tower. I wondered what the bells were like, my friend was intrigued by the mossy, ferny vegetation sprouting at the foot of one of the walls. Inside. What you can’t see from the photo is that the ground at the back slopes sharply upward – the church is almost built into the hillside. No wonder if it gets a bit damp. The trouble with two clerics visiting a new church is they tend to look a little differently than other people, so the flowers on at the altar sparked a conversation with was nothing to do with the (high) quality of the the flower arranging. In fact, clergy visiting new churches must be a little like estate agents having dinner with friends…..

I was equally charmed by the sight of an overshot water wheel, but couldn’t find a way down to it. I would guess that someone in the past decided to electrify the estate. Further investigation will take place in due course.

All in all, a very good walk indeed, and I highly commend The Spread Eagle, not only for its food, but for the way it has a patch of mat on which to leave muddy boots – although because of the paths, my boots were cleaner at the end of the walk than they were at the beginning.  Ours was a fairly short walk around the lake, and I’m looking forward to returning and exploring more thoroughly. I’m aware I haven’t even mentioned the little follies dotted around the lake, and the house was shut for the winter, so I didn’t get close to it. A place to discover more thoroughly soon.

Distance: round the lake and back
Time: enough for decent conversation
Enjoyment factor 10/10

Number of photos taken: 0. This is always a sign that I’m having a good time, and means I have used photos I found on the web. Please follow their links to see where they are from.

5 responses to “#Janathon Day 30 – Stourhead

  1. This is the Stourhead of which I am not the Rector. Nice to read a report about a visit there!

      • I occasionally have people contacting me about marrying or having children Christened there. They don’t seem to believe me when I say that the parishes I serve are over a hundred miles away at the head of the Suffolk Stour.

  2. Sounds good. Wondering how you’re going to top it up for 31st? I expect an epic trip involving an assault course or such, combined with a trip to an Ice Cream Parlor that sells huge, excellent coffee flavoured cones and a swim across a ditch filled with mud somewhere on Salisbury Plain, to be followed by a wash down at the tank washdown in Tidworth Garrison 🙂

  3. One of my favourite places. Visited there as an infant, went there when the lad was infant, been back with his Godmother’s kids. It also does a great line in ducklings.

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