#Janathon Day 31 – January roundup

It cannot, I think, be disguised. My Janathon has been pretty poor this year. I have mostly managed to blog, but my exercise attempts have been appalling, and I haven’t even managed to do one of the best bits of Janathon. Because the best bit is the support, meeting and following other people, rejoicing in their achievements and sharing their woes. Other years I’ve felt part of that, this year others have been kind to me, but I haven’t managed to reciprocate.

There’s always next year!


8 responses to “#Janathon Day 31 – January roundup

  1. Well at least you tried! I have put on 2 stone since being Licenced as a Reader because I love reading and writing sermons. My excuse is that it has been so very cold here in Wales! Blessings and bloggings!

  2. Well, my #janathon today was a 1.5 miles walk. Than trip to Church with about 1.5 hrs of hoovering up. The electricians are finally gone so their mess can be finally cleaned up (where they stored their tools, ladders and things) and every knook and cranny and under radiators given a real hit – it got so warm (with heating off) that I was tempted to take off my tshirt as well as jacket. But didn’t think that displaying a scrawny manly chest was appropriate in church.

    So, now for the #Febrathon

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