A Bellringing Kerfuffle

It’s about a year since I started learning to bell ring. It’s a highly addictive activity, and also extremely convivial.  I am lucky to have access to a very happy bunch of welcoming, helpful ringers.

Tonight I’m extremely proud to have rung in rounds rather well, with pretty good control. And then, as I stood the bell, no 6 said “I didn’t know you are a leftie”. I looked, looked harder, and everyone looked at me. I was a mirror image of everyone else! For some reason, I seem to have learned to bellring left handed. I thought, and decided I ought to try the other way round, in case it felt better.  It didn’t. But then I swapped back, and that felt awful too. So I am going to have to re-learn, right handed.This could

IMG_4290set me back a few weeks, but I’m hoping it’ll give me better control in the end.

It’s not that I mind ringing left handed – if ever I go ten pin bowling, I bowl left handed, and if push comes to shove I can write with my left hand, so I guess I could have continued. I even learned to play the recorder as a leftie. But swapping may be painful, but will undoubtedly be better in the end. And if ever I need to ring left handed, I’ll be able to!

9 responses to “A Bellringing Kerfuffle

  1. It’s not the first time this has happened. I think more than one in the tower that I learnt in (Minstead) came out ‘cack handed’! Doesn’t really matter, and if you’re ringing well, and are obviously strongly ambidexterous, will it really gain you so much to re-learn?

    It’s been so long since I rang, I can’t remember which way round I ring.

  2. I’m mostly left handed and learned to ring accordingly, but if I remember correctly (it’s been a few years) that way actually puts your right hand in control for ringing down (which was always my weakest bit).

    • Interesting Emma, the whole tower assured me that ringing right handed leaves right hand free to control more easily (tail held in left hand ). I’ll ask next week!

      • Looking forward to the verdict! I’m almost sure that I was taught that left handed ringing meant tail in right hand and left hand above right on the sally. But I could be totally misremembering… Unless there’s some kind of regional variation? (I was in London)

      • It turned out that I was more comfortable with tail in left hand, and right hand freer to move and control. Which is apparently “right handed” ringing in this neck of the woods!

  3. Hmm mm a secret leftie. ..i wonder what Freud or Jung would say. I envy you ringing any hand. We have few churches in new zealand left with bells. I love the sound. Any opportunity I get when visiting uk I soak up the bells …. the bells … 🙂

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