Down, not out

I’m not a fan of being ill. But after 40-odd hours of sleeping, interspersed with urgent, hurried trips across the landing, there are a few things I am grateful for.

image1. I am a well nourished, generally healthy woman. A few missed meals makes very little odds to my likelihood of survival.

2. I live in a warm, waterproof house with unlimited supplies of clean drinking water. My surroundings do not conspire to make any illness I suffer worse than it needs to be.

3. If I should take a turn for the worse (most unlikely, it’s only a bug), I have free access to some of the best healthcare in the world.

4. It’s only a bug. In a few days, it will be completely gone. I am not facing a lifetime of illness, whether mental or physical.

It strikes me that’s quite a lot to be grateful about, so I shall go back to sleep.


3 responses to “Down, not out

  1. This sounds like a nasty bug. And perhaps the only thing that you can do is to remain hydrated and hope that it will pass from your system.

    But if it continues for more than a couple of days, you really, really need to have a doctor check it out – I know that we don’t like to bother them, But given their enormous salaries (3 or 4 times a stipend) It wouldn’t do any harm for them to see a poorly Rector.

    I suffer from a bowel issue, which causes similar symptoms, but without the infection, so normally an immodium and a cork allows me to get through the day 🙂

    Praying for some relief from this for you very soon.

  2. I hope you make a swift recovery, but do give yourself some credit for stoicism. It sounds very nasty and despite all you say being true, we are indeed lucky in the UK but that in itself is not a cure.
    Take it easy as long as you can,
    Prayers on your behalf winging their way heavenward 🙂

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