Suspenders or hanging?

cropped-img_12791.jpgIt’s 15 months since I moved to this wonderful parish, and much has happened, most of it unaided by me. I have learned many lessons during my first year of incumbency, but the most important one seems to me to be about self care. In other words I have to look after myself. This may appear selfish, but as one with a good quarter of a century of likely Rectoring or Vicaring ahead of me, I have to remember I am in this for the long haul. It has taken far too long to recover from being ill back in March, and the lesson must be applied. I am learning to say “no”.

Therefore this blog is being formally put into suspenders, and will be left hanging in the breeze. This suspension is not for bad behaviour – I love blogging. But it is noticeable that I haven’t blogged regularly for ages, and I think it is only right to let you lovely people who read my meanderings know that there won’t be any meanderings on here for a while. I reserve the right to return at some point.

Love and thanks
Claire x

5 responses to “Suspenders or hanging?

  1. Well, I don’t like the fact that you are suspending blogging, obviously. But I just wanted to record how much I have enjoyed your posts, and wish you well for the future. I know well how it feels – only so much in the reserves. So go well, and return from time to time…

  2. good call if that is what is right for you now, look forward to possible future postings lots love big hug Kx

  3. Love and thanks back at you, for all your thoughts so far; and prayers for all that’s to come, blogged or otherwise x

  4. Please take good care of yourself and if that means no blogging so be it. Will miss your posts but hope for a return when it is right for you.
    Blessings X

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