#Janathon – A Wet Beginning

IMG_5333For those of you hoping for a post which is a shining example of dedication to personal physical fitness, an apology. I operate best at walking pace, and so my Janathon is to be, as usual, walked.  However, I do have a walking goal – I want to walk the boundaries of my lovely parish this month.

There is an honourable tradition of walking parish boundaries, and I came up with the idea with the help of Penelope Swithinbank at the start of December.  However, it isn’t going to be a simple enterprise, mainly because the boundaries often don’t follow public footpaths, and partly because they frequently fail to follow any discernible feature at all.

IMG_5334It’s New Year’s Day, so I started with the easiest bit of all. If I walk my standard “I need some mud and fields” walk, that covers the closest bit of boundary. It follows an old Green Lane, which in its turn marks the boundary between Forest and Field. It was very very wet, quite muddy, and the biggest laugh was seeing a dog, which patently didn’t want to walk anywhere at all in such rain, being carried by two teenagers, who were obviously under clear “walk the dog, don’t come home for an hour” instructions.

My contribution to community was very close to home, when I nipped and got our disgusting outdoor dustpan and brush to remove the broken glass remains of a great New Year from the lane over the wall.

Miles covered: 1.75
Pace 23:23 mins/mile (come on, that includes sweeping broken glass out of puddles)
Happy dogs: 2
Miserable dogs: 1
Virtual dogs: 0 (I expect they’ll join be later)
Rain: much

Rector’s rating of walk: 6/10


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