#Janathon – History on the hoof

IMG_5345It was another short walk today, mainly because just at the start of the long walk to the other end of the village, I realised I had forgotten half the stuff I needed for the visit I was making, so I went back home, by which time there wasn’t time to walk.

Instead I took the long route to Evensong – which means instead of walking out of my gate, turning right and crossing the road, I turn left, left, left, left, left, left, then in this case right, left and finally right. Writing it out makes it look more impressive. But not only is that a lot of left turns, it’s also most of the old part of the village. I walked past the Old School, (do you like that our Christmas lights are still very much on? I do!), past the war memorial, past two pubs (one of which contains a fireplace “liberated” from the castle as villagers robbed out stone). I gave thanks as I marched past the Old Rectory that I don’t live in a five window fronted Georgian mansion, went on past the Market Cross, said a prayer for the retained firefighters at the new fire station, looked up at the not very chocolate box green thatch of the cottages on the corner, and tried to stay calm as the articulated lorry came into the bend far too fast. It’s deceptive, that road, let strangers beware.  The driver did some quick braking, and it’s a while since I’ve heard gears crash that badly.  Luckily the gears were the only crash involved.  Back down past the Old Old School (if you went to that school, then you are one of the Oldest Inhabitants, but there are a few still about), tipped my hat to the Scouts Hall (of which, as Rector, I own one third. I’m not allowed to sell!), waved to the vet, and wandered into the church.

People met: neighbour, someone I married, random teenager.
Dogs met: 0

Rector’s rating: a hearty 9/10.  I am very fond of this village.



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