#Janathon – twentieth century

IMG_5351I cheated slightly, got a lift up to the far end of the village, then walked back, so it was only a mile. However, the landscape was very different from yesterday. This is the domestic bit of the village, where successive generations built out along the main road and in parallel to it. So I started in the late 1990’s, worked my way back through the 1960’s, with a hat tip to the “new school”, now the local primary, back between the wars to the allotments and the rec.  The weather is still sufficiently murky that even the most hardened skateboarders weren’t tempted to show their skills on the floodlit ramp, and courting couples weren’t lurking on the field.  Back past the old bakery, set at right angles and back from the main road, and then it was a return to the old village where the (newish) rectory and church may be found.

I went into church to say Evening Prayer and thought you might enjoy some of our Christmas decorations. I’ve never shared a church with a reindeer before.

Miles: 1
Pace: smartish
Dogs: 0
Errands achieved: 3

Rector’s rating: 6/10


2 responses to “#Janathon – twentieth century

  1. I don’t regard getting a lift as cheating. Jen often drops me off on her way to work at a different point along the way of my walk – this allows me to do errands before actually walking for a couple of miles, and means I’m not retracing my steps.

    A good walk for me is around the bounds of the Recreation grounds behind our house. It’s a total of 1500 paces, which is probably about 3/4 mile. Doing it once and than reversing direction and going back the other way, gets you seeing things you might have missed, particularly the back gardens of houses built around the ‘rec’ backing onto the footpath – some are glorious, some are terrible. I’m an advocate of building a high fence if you’re not going to tend your garden, hide the idleness bits from prying eyes of the likes of me. 🙂

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