#Janathon – to the point

IMG_0503The Christmas decorations are down and back in the loft, which felt like exercise, but not fresh air, so OH and I bundled ourselves up warm and out of the house. Gareth the Cat (so called because Dave is a stupid name for a cat) was glad to see us get home.

Distance: 1.0 mile
Pace: quick
Weather: damn cold
Dogs: 0
Police Constables: 1

Rector’s rating: 4/10


5 responses to “#Janathon – to the point

  1. Gareth should meet Orla! He is a bonny lad. ( can’t inject a photo of Orla at this point like you can on FB but she will no doubt feature in blog again at some point)

    • He’s not very gentlemanly, in fact he is downright nasty to the two (female) tortoiseshells, but they manage by ganging up on him. Look forward to Orla pic!

      • Boo Gareth! Fionnula and Orla are two sisters who rub along pretty well and tolerate my adoption of other creatures, including guinea pig and recently budgie ( without the need to eat them – so glad for that!)

  2. You didn’t indicate what you did to the Police Constable? šŸ™‚

    And our Cats who all have strange names. Sooty, Pritty, Regie, Spot,Lucy, Blossom, Charlie, Sultan and Jack there are loads of pics of them on facebook, so I won’t post them here.

    I managed a 1.2 mile walk this morning, in between Art Club, where I produced some colourful rubbish using a product where you wet a piece of paper, sprinkle powered paint onto it and shake it about to see the effects as the water runs and mixes the pain for you.

    I’m never sure whether it’s art or rubbish, but it’s great fun, brings many (mainly older people (including myself) together for banter, coffee, biscuits and narrative story telling.

  3. Our son wanted us to name our last cat “Dave the Ironic Cat”, and while we didn’t go with it, the name has become a bit of a family tradition. I think Dave is an excellent name for a cat!

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