#Janathon – cleaning up

not my carYes, today’s exploit was to wash my car.  Now, you might not think that’s very remarkable. But I am the proud owner of what was possibly the dirtiest white car on the road in the UK.  I’ve cleaned lights and number plates a few times this winter, but frankly, my beloved mode of transport was nothing short of an embarrassment.  I detest car cleaning, so have done so once since I bought it a year ago. Yes, I know I could pay others to do it, but I never seem to have a happy coinciding of time, money and memory.

I’m the first to admit the finish isn’t fab. (The picture is straight off the internet, not of my wheels.) But I successfully wrestled the pressure washer into doing my bidding.  This was no mean feat since I had forgotten we even own a pressure washer, let alone remembered how to use it. I got rained on several times during the process, and paused in order to make the plumber a cuppa – so at least all the leaky taps in the Rectory are now safely fixed.

I’ve even filled in a long form, which had promised it would take an hour – which it did, and had a decent coffee with a friend. All in all, it’s been a productive day off, if not a restful one.

Steps: many laps of the car
Rain: many drops
Spectators: just the one, whom I encouraged to move on
Result: one cleanish car that isn’t a disgrace to the Church of England

Rector’s rating: 7/10 – not for enjoyment, but for pride in result!


4 responses to “#Janathon – cleaning up

  1. I need to clean our cars, but too much going on at the moment. I’m tempted to use the guys who clean cars at a store we’re going too tomorrow,but as they speak little English and my Polish isn’t up to much, I think that I will wait until I refuel and will use their car wash.

    Now power washers – Jen is the champion user of ours. She uses it regularly at least once a month and cleans the patio paths and parking area’s in our garden. I’ve known her to also direct it at the conservatory when she feels it could do with a spray, and occasionally at me if I’m a bit cheeky.

    The cats hate it and run and hide whenever they see it being got out of the shed.

    As for me, I managed to walk 1/2 a mile today, rather than using the car and with the steep hills up and back to our coffee morning, it probably equals a mile and a bit (or so I am consoling myself).

  2. Do mine too…. had my little white car for 18months and never once taken a cloth to it…. maybe I should. You’ve made me feel guilty for neglecting her 😕
    Will pop it on the ‘to do’ list

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