#Janathon – Confirmation

IMG_5353Today I was at a special service in the Cathedral, which always means plenty of exercise, simply because it’s a big place. This was compounded by the urgent need to purchase a gift before the service for the person being confirmed.  Being what?  Confirmation is where those who have been baptised (christened) as babies or children get to make their promises for themselves, instead of having other people (Godparents) promise on their behalf.  Confirmation says that faith is taken seriously, that it matters.

Normally the Bishop will confirm between 25 and 40 people at a service, but tonight there were just 7, so it had a lovely intimate feel. It was held at the very far end of the Cathedral so the distances were larger than usual, although the whole thing was much more relaxed than is possible with dozens of candidates.

We were just about the last to leave, so we had great fun dabbling fingers in the HUGE font and disrupting the wonderful reflections. A little rebellion can be a very good thing.

Distance: no idea, but a lot of the outside bit was under an inside out brolly
Pace: eventually, stately
Number of ideas for tomorrow’s sermon stolen from Bishop: that would be telling

Rector’s Rating: 9/10, spoiled only by amount of rain when outside.



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