#Janathon – Confession


Brother Duncan (pic from Twitter profile)

I promised Sister Catherine that I’d take Brother Duncan for a virtual walk today.  It was his (real) birthday yesterday, and I was unable to join the Facebook party because I was at the Cathedral.

Today I have achieved many things, but any kind of walk, with or without a  virtual companion of the canine kind was not one of them.


Rector’s Rating 0/10


3 responses to “#Janathon – Confession

  1. I think that the many ‘#other things that you did today will probably outweigh the lack of a #janathon walk,with or without #canine companionship or #Virtual canine companionship. Off course, you have Gareth (the cat, who isn’t called Dave as that is a silly name for a cat) to sojourn on the Sofa with – that’s if you can dodge the latest instance of ‘catsick’, which he seems prone too.

  2. I mention once again 9 cats and multiple instances of #catsick…. as we’re fully carpeted. Thankfully, most of them choose to do it out inthe garden, rushing for the cat flap when the #hawking starts 😦

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