#Janathon – and death

IMG_3948Today’s Janathon was to walk really fast through the rain to a funeral visit, instead of giving up and driving.  It was one of those occasions where Janathon works to get me off my backside and into doing some exercise.

The walk was a fast foray into the posh end of the village (they’ve got mains gas, you know) and my reward was a pleasant but cold walk home via the local funeral director’s. I only dropped in to say hello, but was greeted with “Oh, good, I’ve been looking for you.”  It’s that time of year. I met with other local clergy at lunchtime today, and we are all getting plenty of funerals at the moment. Lunch also meant a pleasant drive across the Plain, which looks gorgeous in any weather, because I’ve never been obliged to spend hours there except by choice,

It may be odd, but although funerals are difficult for everyone, I find conducting them very rewarding.  Done right, they provide a time and space for a decent goodbye. It’s always a privilege to be part of the process.

Pace: brisk out, average home
Distance: far enough to get breathless and rained on

Rector’s rating 6/10 mainly because it was good to get the fresh air.


One response to “#Janathon – and death

  1. I rushed of shopping at 0700 hrs. Came home, walked to local shops, did my business and ordered repeat prescription and dodged the rain (just) on the way home.

    Than spent some hours reading Isaiah (whole book) part of my latest LLM module and looking for decent commentaries on Amazon and got a £20+ one for a fiver and several other recommended texts for 1 p each. 7 books all in all.

    Now, need to return some to the Diocesan Library as room for book storage is limited in our terraced house with 9 cats, who all need their own space, which includes sleepng on piles of books on occasion.

    Distance: about 3/4 mile.

    Time about 20 minutes return (and 6 hours of study).

    Rating OOOOOh so much to learn

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