#Janathon – Errands near and far

IMG_5365I didn’t need my passport*, but today’s jaunt did take me to the far end of the village, on foot, with no cheating! I stopped for a couple of conversations, made a delivery, and was fed excellent Christmas cake at my far destination (thanks go mainly to my kind host and cook, and a little to Mary Berry’s recipe).  It says much for my attitude to exercise in general that if it’s live, I’d rather watch cricket than football, on the grounds that any sport involving meal breaks strikes me as highly civilised. So a walk with cake is the highest form of Janathoning in my humble opinion.  However, now is probably the time to salute all those runners, plankers (watching the autocorrect there), cyclists, swimmers and gym bunnies.  You are all amazing.

And here’s where I admit to the cheating – by the time I’d eaten cake it was dark, and I gladly accepted the offer of a lift home.  It’s good to know one’s limits, yes?

Pace – brisk, it was a cold wind coming off the Plain today
Distance – adequate, but arguably half what it should have been , although I did do some walking earlier today)
Dogs – 1, highly irritated that his owner interrupted a perfectly good walk to chat with the Rector. (Cats – at least 3 today were out and about. Liked the white one with a black nose!)

Rector’s rating 8/10  only trees and fields were lacking

*actually, I needed my passport number – can’t countersign a passport application without it!


One response to “#Janathon – Errands near and far

  1. Oh the joys of acting as a passport referee. When I was serving, I did loads of them (Military Officer). Now retired, I’m never asked. But Jen is in great demand for that operation. She is a Civil Servant of long standing, so qualifies for the role. She’s done about 10 in the past year alone.

    And my #Janathon today consisted off a walk between car park to the Ark Christian Cafe and bookshop, were we hold a weekly coffee meeting and get together for people in the local deanery and we get all sorts there – even me. Interesting to talk to people from Free Churches whose perspective is entirely different from our own, and who aren’t burdened by the legal implications of changing something without a faculty. We even managed a Bishop in there some months ago.

    I than walked around a supermarket at a brisk pace for some errands and than came home and read stuff for 3 hours, a marathon in itself.

    Distance about 300 yards.

    Time about 6 hours (3 at the coffee morning and 3 studying)

    Rating 5/10 because I actually did some walking, but on a bright winter glary sunshine for the distances.

    Achievement – I didn’t fall asleep at any time.

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