#Janathon – Day Off

IMG_5367Don’t be silly. A day off work, not a day off Janathon!  Although by the time I’d been to the dentist, dealt with the shifting funeral time (which has to be settled in time for newspaper deadline, hence its appearance in my day off), done some cleaning, collected DD and eaten lunch, I’d had enough.  So DD and I took a trip to our local “posh” town, where we perused knitting patterns, ordered wool, and investigated the charity shops for a dress for a rugby dinner for her.  I thought fondly of another friend whom I used to meet here now and again, and in her honour we went into the Indian shop and admired the cushions and scarves. Unfortunately there was no time for coffee, but we enjoyed our afternoon “walk”.

When we’d got home and she’d gone for her driving lesson, I dug out my meditative colouring book.  Now, I do enjoy it, but the finished result invariably shows that my colouring in has not improved since I was seven years old – and I was not one of the “neat” crayonners of the class. Some things don’t change.

Pace: meditative throughout shopping and colouring
Distance: miles and miles, at least in my head

Rector’s rating: 9/10 – the company, real and remembered, was excellent.

One response to “#Janathon – Day Off

  1. Sound day indeed. I think that it will count as endurance, particularly the dentist. And having good company is also great.

    I went to our ArtClub and used ‘Brusho’ a type of paint powder which you shake across a piece of paper and spray lightly with water from a distance and see what emerges. It’s an interesting way of expressing yourself as you see all sorts of shapes emerging, which resemble an animal, object or even a person and you can than use a paintbrush to highlight what you see. So far,I’ve seen three messes and nothing usable. But great fun and banter between those there. Maxium numbers have been 12, and average is about 8. We had a new inquirer came in today who is quite keen – so, outreach in this way is bringing in new people, who are not part of church (at the moment).

    It isn’t what you do, but how you do it that matters – and friendships established through the Art Club have already brought three new people into church – Result. Secular society NIL. God – Three.

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