#Janathon – Perishing

Love hurtsMy Nan used to sing a lot, all sorts of stuff, often only the one line she could remember – and one such line was (to a very lugubrious tune/dirge) “rescue the perishing; care for the dying”.  Today, I was the perishing who needed to be rescued, and the perishing cold was brought about by a funeral.

Jonathan consisted of my afternoon jaunt with my wallet back to the pub, where the barman (with whom I may be slightly* acquainted) had cheerfully served me a small scotch at the wake, in order to bring some feeling back into my core, despite my lack of dosh. And that’s the good thing about village life, no-one minded that I bypassed the tea, and no-one even blinked at my walking into the pub in cassock and cloak (they are getting use to me).

However, it struck me afterwards that I have accidentally not imbibed any alcohol  throughout January so far (just haven’t got round to having a drink yet) so I cannot now claim to have achieved a dry month.

Bills settled: 1
Late Birthday cards purchased: 1 (sorry, beloved nephew)
Conversations had: many
Core temperature: restored from well below comfortable
Dogs fussed: 2
Inappropriate photos inserted into post: 1 (for some reason I don’t have a photo of a glass of scotch at hand.  Most peculiar!)

*I would never dream of asking for credit, but he knows what I drink and where I live!

One response to “#Janathon – Perishing

  1. Oh Dear,

    Only one whisky to warm up – in military circles that might have needed a couple of drams of rum (which can be authorised by the CO in case of cold or inclement weather) and as a Padre, you might be involved in dispensing it to the troops, or even the Officers, who are expected to refrain until the troops have consumed their portion.

    I’m sure that the Publican must have some acquaintance with Clergy, as I can remember in my former rural benefice, he and the curate being warmly welcomed in the three pubs in the village, when we went their instead of doing the small group in the Vicarage.

    And a pub can be a good place to hold such groups – and feed the habit of the occasional small whisky, without guilt, because most will be sharing alcoholic beverages alongside the Vicar. Getting the Bishop in their alongside you, would be a win-win mission purpose.

    Going well so far. My Janathon consisted of a coffee morning, table tennis, lunch and attending the launch of a CAP centre – where I saw many familiar faces from other churches, including some of the tutors from my LLM Course – close to home indeed.

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