#Janathon – a late tale of failure

imageWhat can I say? It was a challenging start as I sought some useful words for the morning service (bless ’em all, the sermon seemed to go ok), there was more work later, and I got home with everything seized up through cold.  Joints, muscles, brain. None of it wanted to work at all. I retreated to the sofa with coffee, a rug, Gareth the Cat, and an ancient Ealing Comedy. Oh, and Giant Yorkie Buttons. Well, at first. Later it transpired that there were no Giant Yorkie Buttons. Not sure how that happened – evaporation? Gareth doesn’t seem interested in chocolate so I can’t blame him.

Distance: very surprised to find Fitbit tells me I walked 6200 steps today. It soon adds up.

Pace: slow, in a stately, reverent kind of way.

Number of cat cuddles: never enough, but not bad.

Giant Yorkie Buttons: mmmmmmmmmm

Rector’s Rating: I’m giving 3/10, because I did move.

2 responses to “#Janathon – a late tale of failure

    • Yeah, there’s a reason why I refer to “failure” in the title, but I haven’t been brilliant this year. Impressed by everyone else’s efforts though!

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