#Janathon – garden bin

IMG_5399I’ve made up for yesterday. When I got back to the Rectory, instead of going in for a nice cup of coffee, I did some gardening for an hour. Just pulled up loads of dead stuff, and pruned two shrubs.  I decided I would keep going until the wheelie bin was full. You can’t tell where I’ve been, but it took me about four days to clear those two borders last year, so if I can keep on top of it, it gives me some hope for the rest of the (massive) garden. It’s a great space, if only I could keep it nice!

It was good to see the polyanthus energy from the undergrowth, and i nearly put out my eye on some catkins, so spring is in the air.  However, I’m now chilly, so it’s back indoors for coffee for me.  I really must try to get the “hour’s gardening here and there” habit.

Sense of achievement 6/10

Rector’s rating 7/10


2 responses to “#Janathon – garden bin

  1. Hard work. I’m glad that the division of labour for our small garden is Jen does most and I work under her supervision. I do cut hedges and the like, but plants are a mystery to me. Today involved me walking about 3/4 mile and doing some house work as well as an assignment on my parish placement late last year. I found that I have mislaid the notebook I used for it, but have transcribed everything before it went missing. It will turn up no doubt, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Achievements 5/10

    Difficutly reading a large book on congregational studies 😦

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