#Janathon – @cnmac13scarf

IMG_0511I could not have Janathoned for the last couple of days without @cnmac13scarf. Let’s face it, I probably couldn’t have functioned without my beloved snuggly comfort blanket. So when the news came that someone wanted to knit cousins, @cnmac13scarf was very excited indeed.

Unfortunately I was in a meeting (well, fortunately, it was an interesting meeting) so couldn’t connect to the wifi to explain it’s K2 between each bobble and 6 bobbles to the row. Instead I concentrated on the merits (and there are many) of lay ministry.

I have Janathoned today, there was a walk through Salisbury and the long way back (today has consisted of several meetings), and then a jaunt though the village to deliver a misdirected letter. I’m quite surprised to find my Fitbit thinks I walk around 3 miles on most “normal” days, and more if I make an effort. But today I was grateful to @cnmac13scarf for warmth and snuggles.

Distance: total 3 miles as usual
Pace: sharpish, too cold to hang about and maintained “local” stride around tourists

Rector’s rating: 6/10 nice sunshine, but not enough fields.




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