#Janathon -On The Move

IMG_5450No, not permanently, and by car rather than by much walking. But given frequent stops, my Fitbit is not scowling too hard.

The first major stop involved soup, a roll, and temptation. We avoided the wool shop (can you feel the relief emanating from my bank account?) but ventured into the lovely clergy tat shop (thank you Croft Designs).  There we admired much, and planned future purchases – I really fancied the big wooden Noah’s Ark for the small people (and their parents!) at the back of church, but at £165 it is a bit of a stretch. I may have to save for a slightly smaller but equally beautiful version. However, temptation was resisted again, and this time I can feel the relief from the treasurer, since last time I was here I bought a beautiful stole for Remembrance Sunday.

The next stop was in a place I’ve not paused in before. The weather was vile, the coffee was good, and then we made the best decision. Of a short stroll. We headed for the church (I’m a good Rector, and my companion is an excellent Vicar), but didn’t quite make it. Instead, we accidentally found the most amazing fabric shop, where we spent far more time than we intended, and only just avoided parting with money. It was huge, with every kind of fabric of every colour and design imaginable.  We plan to return. With a budget.

Destinations reached: 1
Interesting shops visited:2
Temptations resisted: Wool, fabric and every clergy/churchy accessory

Rector’s Rating: 9/10 too much time in the car, but an enjoyable journey

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