#Janathon – All Change


Just one of the former trees

**To be clear, no criticism is intended in this post**


I have taken an early Janathon walk through the wind and (very light) rain, at a decently brisk pace, including a proper hill. In fact I am nearly a proper Janathoner today.

My route brought me back through the churchyard to where I am staying (no, not in the churchyard!) and there I got a slight shock. I’ve come to know it well over the past five years, shady in the summer, downright gloomy in the winter, up through the avenue of trees planted by William Gladstone in 1904, according to the bench at the top. Today I walked up between two rows of stumps. All trees gone.

Now, I know that trees have a finite lifespan, that the churchyard will be easier to manage now, that the view across to the bay is beautiful, that tree management involved tough decisions, and I will get used to it. But this morning, a little bit of me is in mourning for trees departed.

Rector’s rating: 3/10 I know I’ll learn to love the new look, but I am sad now.

2 responses to “#Janathon – All Change

  1. I sympathise. Last year our beautiful lime-trees in the churchyard were savagely pollarded and went overnight from lovely graceful soft leaved (admittedly very tall) ladies, to ugly calloused trunks.

    I have been assured that it was necessary and that they will grow back but I had a weep for their loss.

    Trees are such a wonderful part of our landscape and it is like losing a friend when even one disappears.

  2. Interested in what the trees were. Just over 100 years isn’t really that old, at least for the hardwoods they appear to have been. Equally looking the photo on your next post, perhaps they are damaging the graves? Though if that’s the case, then they need root grinding and treating with root killer too.

    Trees can be a bit like pets… Part of the family, because they’re always there for you.

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