#Janathon – Oops

So, no post yesterday, because I spent 2 hours in an academic seminar, 5.5 hours travelling, and 2 hours at a funeral visit. Factor in eating, unpacking, doing the washing, catching up with family, and no, no time or energy left.

Today’s Janathon could easily be an evening stroll with three fellow clergy at the end of an evening, but it isn’t really for publication, so instead I give you a brisk walk for a visit accompanied by a Church Warden. It was far enough through the village to feel like a walk, but had the merit of two cups of tea and some lovely people, as well as opportunities to set the world to rights.

Hmm, setting the world to rights.  Perhaps we should all do that more often.

Ractor’s rating 8/10, lacked some distance and there were no fields, but company was top notch.


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