An unexpected post



Yes, I know it’s been a while, but I think the time has come to resurrect the blog.  And why?  Because the times they are a-changing.  After thinking I had got ordained, found a wonderful post as a parish priest, and settled down, I was proved wrong.

There’s been a fair amount of change since I last blogged.  My family has changed shape, and shortly will be me, Gareth the Cat, and Gerry and Rumpel, the outdoor cats.  I’m about to start a job working for a charity as its CEO, so won’t be (not) employed by the Church of England and I’ll be moving house back to my beloved Warwickshire.  I am effectively doing a bit of germinating myself and growing into something I didn’t expect at all.

It all started with an e-Newsletter which announced that the amazing bundle of entrepreneurial energy who is Jerry Marshall was retiring from Germinate: The Arthur Rank Centre.  “Gosh that’s interesting, I wonder what he’ll be up to next?” I wondered…and deleted the email.  Later, I saw his job advertised in the Church Times.  “That’ll be a fascinating job for someone” I thought….and used the paper to light the fire.

Then came a number of conversations and emails, all suggesting I should have a look.  So I did, all the while being quite sure that I’m a happy parish priest who doesn’t need to move just yet.  However, reading the job description got me all excited, and in the end, after more conversations and lots of prayer, I decided to apply. My prayer was that they would find the person God wanted to be in that post.  And the rest is history.

My final Sunday in my lovely parish is 11th March, Mothering Sunday, and I’m not looking forward to all the goodbyes at all.  I start my new job on 3rd April, straight after Easter, and I am looking forward to that enormously.

There are a number of contradictions in this move – I didn’t expect to be leaving yet, I didn’t expect to move outside the Church of England, I didn’t expect to be buying a house, I didn’t expect….I just didn’t expect.  But here I am, and I thought you might like to join me as I ride a very unexpected rollercoaster.  Here’s to the thrills and spills!

One response to “An unexpected post

  1. Hope your move goes really well. Funny how God has other ideas for us. Looking forward to hearing how the transition goes.

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