The point of stability

This is just a quick post to celebrate one of my points of stability over the last six years – the Centre for Studies in Rural Ministry. It’s a unique learning community of people studying for Masters, Doctorates and in some cases people doing post-Doc research. Unique? Because we join together in all our vulnerability and openness to learn, and we are formed and transformed, both in our praxis and at a spiritual level. We learn together and we pray together. The effects of being part of community carry over into other parts of our lives.

I’ve been a member of this community, as CEO of Germinate: The Arthur Rank Centre I will carry some responsibility for its future shape – the CSRM began as a joint enterprise between the St Mary’s Centre and Arthur Rank, some years ago now. I have a vested interest in it as a member who has gained from its safe space and from its expertise. During my time of transition I am grateful to the old friends and new who travel with me on our shared enterprise. For those who are wondering, we meet at St Michael’s House next to Coventry Cathedral – that is a photo I took of the Gethsemane Chapel today.

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