The Last Day #HolyLand Day 8

There was a lousy weather forecast again for our final day, so when it was announced that we would have a slow start and forgo a detailed visit to Caesarea’s archeology (right on the coast of the Mediterranean with no shelter), even archeological fans like me decided not to protest. The slow start to the day meant rather more orderly packing than would have otherwise happened – and it meant my hand luggage was more minimal than on the way out.

Whilst it was lovely to see the fishing boat on Lake Galilee, the rain wasn’t very inviting. I was far sadder to leave Galilee than I was when I left Jerusalem. I loved the landscape so much, and I found it much easier to imagine the Biblical stories than I did in Jerusalem.

This might be a photo of Mount Carmel, scene of Elijah’s fire calling exploits, but if I have got confused then it’s one side of the valley where Moses fought and won a battle against 70 Cananite kings. Sorry.

We unashamedly stayed in the coach at Ceasarea, emerging up the road for lunch. Once there we got very distracted by some spectacular waves…

Although I would love to revisit and see the city ruins – the bits we dashed past looked amazing.

My last treat really made my day. Orat Rabin is a coal fired station, with 4*375 MW units and 2*575MW units. A fellow pilgrim said “you don’t try to hide being a geek do you?” I really don’t see why I should!

Orat Rabin – 2590 MW with FGD, sea cooled.

The airport processing and flight home all went smoothly, and I am grateful to my three friends for being with me over the week.

I might manage to produce a reflection on the whole experience at some point over the weekend….but I hope you at least have an impression of our trip.

2 responses to “The Last Day #HolyLand Day 8

  1. A lovely descriptive series Claire, you really made it feel close. Thanks for the excellent illustrations too, I’m sure you will enjoy them in restrospect as much as we have all done.

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