#DMV Deserted Medieval Village

Inspired by conversation this morning about my need for wide open spaces, I went for a short walk. Which turned long because it was beautiful. Which means I’ll be going to bed early.

The original plan was to go and look at some lumps and bumps – very common around this part of the country. Lots of villages were abandoned – a combination of the Black Death and the rise in sheep farming. There’s often a note on the OS Map, and some bumpy fields.

It’s not far to my nearest, and so off I wandered.

It might not look much but those ups and downs show on the ground. It was far too nice to turn around and retrace my steps so I carried on….

My favourite thing was a tiny murmation of starlings. Not a gathering of thousands of urban birds, but about 40 rural ones. It made me wonder if some birds prefer cities or the countryside….

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