DSCN2204I’m in my forties, married, with two teenaged children and two cats with attitude.  I like history, walking, knitting, learning new things, and I get worried in large crowds and when meeting new people.  I am a very loud introvert, my Myers Briggs profile is INTJ – if you believe such things.

Yes, I’ve been a Christian all my life – but have been through times when I have not been part of a church, and quite understand when people just cannot be doing with it. God on the other hand is more reliable, and I’ve always believed in God – Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Creator, Redeemer, Comforter.

Scan 132450001-1 - Version 2

No one was more surprised than me when my “career” in the Electricity Industry became less and less important, and listening to God became more and more important – but that’s why I am now a Rector (it’s the same as a Vicar if you ignore the Tithe Acts, and believe me, you can afford to ignore the Tithe Acts) in the good old Church of England, and not a physical energy trading expert.  (And yes, I know a spurt is a drop, and an expert is a former drip).

I’m often flippant, I love to laugh, I’m a control freak and a passionate procrastinator.  I always meet deadlines, frequently with no skin on my teeth at all.   Thanks for dropping by.  Feel free to comment on the blog, or you can track me down on twitter where I am cunningly disguised as @clairemaxim1.

The lower photo is here because I felt I should post a more recent one – the top photo was taken at my priesting in July 2011. I have aged since then!



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