Finding my Janathon leg

“What’s Janathon?” I asked on twitter. Such an innocent question. Then as Sara (@batty_towers) explained, I was ambushed by Cathy (@jogblog). Any other time of year I’d have resisted, but it was December – and during December I will do anything to get people off my back so I can concentrate on Christmas, until after Christmas, when I will do anything to get people off my back so I can sleep.

Move with purpose. The picture explains the main issue I have with that.IMG_1392

So my stats might not be the same as yours. Achieving more than 3miles/hr is amazing for me. I can walk, you understand, given decent boots, walking poles, rest times and painkillers. Running is trickier, especially because I can’t wear my AFO (ankle-foot orthotic), so am prone to falling over my dropped foot.

My stats will include reference to dogshit, to being recognised, to falling over, to the weather, to enjoyment level, to what I had for breakfast, to other activities of the day, all sorts of stuff. I may even include time and distance. If you want to follow how it goes, look for the Janathon category, and laugh (with me, not at me please!)

Update –

A bit more about my leg – I was born with a haemangioma in my ankle (that’s lots of proliferating tiny blood vessels in my case). Over the years I’ve had a lot of tissue removed, so I have more scar tissue than ankle. It’s affected the movement too – in that it mostly doesn’t, except in inconvenient ways.   Sometimes people ask if it hurts.  Yes, it generally does. Usually like a low grade headache, more infrequently like raging toothache from the knee down. I write this not for the sympathy (there are far far worse things to live with) but to explain that most moves I make are affected by my foot, either by how it’s feeling or how it might feel, even when I don’t think about it.

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