#Janathon 2014 starts here

MH900411288I won’t run. I can’t run. And God bless the few people who told me over last year “Don’t try to run”. And thanks go to #twitfitclub for not giving up on me. Here seems as good a place as any to start over, Janathon is my motivation. And my goal? To move, when I wouldn’t normally bother. Why? Because my clothes are too tight, and I don’t want to buy new ones. Because I will never conform to a perfect stereotype (thanks to George Luke for his blog earlier, he’s said it better than I could). Because I will feel better if I’m not carting round a rucksack of excess fat. Because I ate myself into a stupor last year, and that’s not good for my health.

Health is the first, most important reason – I don’t want to get a load of obesity induced medical conditions, and I’d like to be around on this planet as long as I can, to see my family and friends.

The second reason is because of the kind of Priest I have the opportunity to be. I’m a curate in a multi-parish benefit, where even when I am going to the nearest church, where the church office is, I tend to drive. Because 50% of the time, I will plan to go on elsewhere, and 25% of the time I will end up going on elsewhere, and driving saves time. But where I am moving to there is one church. One rectory just opposite the church. One church hall about the same distance from the rectory. The village centre is a hop, skip and jump away. Both pubs are less than a short stagger. The school is a mere half mile. With one parish, it behoves me to walk. To be out and accessible, not hiding behind a windscreen.

Now, this may turn out to be a pipe dream. And on a pouring wet day I reserve the right to drive and not drip over people’s front rooms or kitchens (and I am a kitchen kind of Priest). But there may be times I need to walk faster rather than slower, and so being a bit fitter before I start would be no bad thing.

So stats for the day?
Distance: 1.0 mile
Time: 20 minutes
Things of joy and wonder: Rain water flowing down the road – fast enough to be taking small pebbles in it. Turned round at flood when it got ankle deep and I couldn’t see the surface. Thought about the juxtaposition of New Year and carpets of dead leaves. Rain drops stung my face. Laughed.

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